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The 2023 Louvre Brand Appreciation Conference Hefei Station Successfully Held, and Kangbo Hotel Reacquired Favor

Date: 2023-09-28

On September 19th, the 2023 Louvre Brand Appreciation Conference - Hefei Station of the French Louvre Hotel Group was grandly held. On site, there was a gathering of experts, attracting strong attention. Li Wei, President of Kangbo Huiyu Brand BU of Jinjiang Hotel (China), Mathieu Rouri, Vice President of International Operations of French Louvre Hotel Group, Geng Qingjin, Senior Director of French Louvre Hotel Group, Wang Lili, Head of Development Center of Jinjiang Hotel (China) Shanghai Headquarters, and brand leaders of various hotels jointly attended the brand appreciation meeting. Everyone gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions with investors, authoritative experts, and industry media, discussing the current development path of mid to high-end hotels, which has received widespread attention from both inside and outside the industry.

The French Louvre Hotel Group is a major player in the global hotel industry. Since its acquisition by Jinjiang International Group in 2015, it has deeply rooted in the stable development of the Chinese market and achieved remarkable results. At the 2023 Louvre Brand Appreciation Conference Hefei Station, the Louvre brand ensemble made its debut, gathering momentum and breaking new ground.

Li Yunliang, the head of the brand management department of Kangbo Huiyu BU at Jinjiang Hotel (China), shared the genetic advantages of international hotel brand localization with everyone on site. Under the dual endorsement of Jinjiang International Group and Louvre Hotel Group in France, the Kangbo Hotel, which has 47 years of high-quality French cultural genes, deeply integrates with its localization advantages, continuously layout in first and new first tier cities, as well as surrounding new internet celebrity cities, providing investors with powerful capital to enter different markets.

What kind of international hotel brand does it have sustainable investment value? How can hotel brands bring more certainty to investors in an uncertain environment?

As a hotel that combines French romance, fashion, youth, and vitality, Kangbo Hotel has grown rapidly in the Chinese market with its unique welcoming approach, innovative design concepts, and outstanding living style.

Through product system innovation, achieving brand premium is one of the winning strategies for Kangbo Hotel. The space products of Kangbo Hotel are constantly innovating, created by the designers of the Louvre Hotel Group in France. The newly launched new design concept with the theme of French Studio rooms is highly favored by consumers. For business people, French Studio rooms have also launched a variety of room types, including comfortable rooms, deluxe rooms, and deluxe rooms.

Kangbo Hotel forms a unique brand core with its unique guest rooms, which not only further cultivates loyal customers and increases occupancy rates, but also helps to increase brand premiums.